How does it work?

When the pulsating light of the laser is applied to certain points on your body, it is absorbed by the skin and cells to stimulate the endorphins that help block out cravings while leaving you with a feeling of well-being.*

How many treatments are necessary?

Most people stop smoking with just one treatment. You should not have any cravings once the treatment is complete.* Miami Laser Therapy provides instructions for after treatment strategies and ways to reduce your stress level and what to do instead of having a cigarette (dealing with the habit) during your consultation. Although most of our patients enjoy positive and final results after just one treatment, we do offer “booster treatments” in case they are needed. Additional Booster treatments cost $50.00 each.

How long does the treatment take?

The actual treatment itself takes less than 30 minutes. There is a consultation and instructions addressing the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction. You should allow approximately one to one and a half hours for your appointment.

Where do you apply the laser?

The laser is applied to the ears, hands, wrists, arms, and the side of the nose for the smoking treatment.

How does the treatment affect you?

Although it is a little different for everyone, the only thing you feel is very relaxed. Some people may feel a little lightheaded, but this passes very quickly. Immediately following your treatment the physical cravings for nicotine should be gone, allowing you to focus on working on the habit.*

Does it affect someone on medication?

The method is 100% natural, so there are no side effects. It is not internally dispensed so it doesn’t affect any medications you may be taking.

How much does it cost?

The one-time cost is just $345. Check for promotions. Additional discount for cash or check.

Does insurance cover this therapy?

Some insurance companies are beginning to cover this therapy. When you come in we will be glad to check your benefits.

How long has the treatment been around?

The treatment originated in Europe over 40 years ago. It has been in Canada for over 20 years and the treatment has been in the U.S. since 2001.

What is your success rate?

Information coming out of Europe is currently showing an 90% + success rate. At Miami Laser Therapy we are enjoying similar numbers. We believe that if you really want and if you do what you are instructed to do, you will Quit Smoking!*

What makes Miami Laser Therapy® different ?

  • In addition to being trained as laser therapists, Miami Laser Therapy staff have been trained in modern acupuncture techniques and are supervised by a physician.
  • All of Miami Laser Therapy treatments include a consultation where we address the psychological aspects (the habit) of the addiction; the treatment, taking care of the physical aspects; and instructions to prevent you from starting up again.
  • Miami Laser Therapy has a follow up program in place to stay in constant contact with our clients through regular phone calls, e-mails, newsletters and our online support forum.
  • Everyone at Miami Laser Therapy makes a commitment to do everything within our power to help you stop smoking. We only ask that you make the commitment to call us before you ever pick up a cigarette again, so we may help.

The stress is getting to me … what can I do ?

We at Miami Laser Therapy take the time to educate you regarding stress relief/control and how to deal with the habit. We are always willing to coach you through by both phone and e-mail. Miami Laser Therapy also offers stress relief treatments at its facilities.*