Stop Smoking with Laser Therapy*

Congratulations! You have just taken perhaps the most important step you will ever take for your health and well-being as cigarette smoking is the number one exogenous cause of cardiovascular disease. Our Stop Smoking Laser Therapy has helped hundreds of cigarette smokers kick their addiction to tobacco.* After only one session, most people report to be experiencing new levels of vibrant energy and well-being and a great feeling of relaxation without any undesired side-effects.

So! What is the treatment?

At Miami Laser Therapy we use a “cold” laser to stimulate certain points on the body which relate to acupuncture points but without the use of needles. The theory underlying the laser treatment to stop smoking is that the laser light stimulates the brain to produce endorphins-natural mood enhancers and pain killers.* The endorphins are claimed to both reduce nicotine cravings and alleviate nicotine withdrawal.

The treatment is completely painless and takes no more than 30 minutes and is done with the supervision of a board certified physician.

Quit Smoking & Save $50

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